For business

  • Personal areas on your website for your clients, partners and sales representative
  • Web integrations (REST API) with your accounting system, CRM or any other data storage
  • Affiliate programs automation (MLM systems)
  • Custom newsletter solutions Email, SMS
  • Chatbots for various messengers: Telegram, Facebook, Slack, Viber, etc
  • Auction and tender systems for your contractors
  • Online calculators and visual configurators
  • HR portals to hire new employees
  • Online booking and payment systems
  • And anything else that can be automated

For startups

  • E-learning solutions
  • Aggregators and marketplaces of companies, services or products
  • News websites
  • E-commerce solutions for digital or physical goods
  • Social networks of any kind
  • And other non-standart bold ideas 💡

We are ready to develop for you any other web based solutions that do not violate the law and are not at odds with our ethics and the interests of our other clients.

Our tech stacks

vue logo


The most popular front-end framework that takes the best of both worlds (AngularJS and ReactJS)

laravel logo

Laravel (PHP)

The most popular and continuing to gain popularity Back-end framework of our days. Laravel provides us to cover all project features with autotests and to follow TDD

docker logo


Docker - well known modern containerization platform. It allows our products to work stably and scale with ease

Graphic design instead of Specification

You have a Graphic design source files? That's perfect!

Make sure that your source files fit our requirements. Then we probably can handle it.

You don't have a Specification? Take it easy!

Obviously we need a good description of your project to build it in a right way. But you don't have to waste time learning the requirements of how to create it. No need. We always offer this work as a service. And we will definitely appreciate for any notes that you can provide to us in any form. It will make things easier for us.

Yekaterinburg? Where is that?

Yekaterinburg - 4th city in Russia by population. There is two reasons why the biggest Russian banks like Tinkoff, Tochka, Alfa-bank and others do open their main development departments here:
  • The largest technical universities are located there that support traditionally high level of technical competence;
  • Much more affordable costs of development comparing with Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

How we communicate



You will work with us in handy workspace where you can:
  • Create tasks, add a buglist, bring up new ideas and track their completion status;
  • See your project's Release Notes, understand what and when it was deployed on production’s server;
  • Inspect different reports and get notifications about important events.

Telegram, Slack, WhatsApp

Our corporate messenger is Slack. We will be happy if you can join us there.

If Slack is not familiar to you then we can chat in Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other messenger which you prefer.

Anyway we will keep all the valuable data in email correspondence.

video messaging

Skype, FaceTime, Discord

It's amazing how much time and budget we save by making regular video calls with our clients..

Most of our customers are located in Moscow, Europe and all over the world, we love to hang out with them on Skype and we have no problems with internet connection speed :)



All our services are covered by 1 year warranty in the contract. In fact, if you do not make any changes to the source code of the site, we will fix the bug after 10 years. But also if you made changes in code we'll try to guide you where the problem may be.
Flag Studio pricing


Our rate — $28 / hr.
Minimum amount of work for new clients — 695 hours ($19 460) for MVP. Full-featured service - 1010 hours ($28 280).
Lead time — depends on our workload and is updated immediately before signing the contract.

We don't make discounts for the amount of work. However, for regular customers, we take orders for fewer hours..

About us

We are an experienced web-development team from Yekaterinburg, Russia. Why did I name the company "Flag"? Because a flag is something you are proud of. And we do make stuff that we are proud of.

I started this company in 2010. Until 2012 we had been mostly doing government projects but then I got tired of it. If you have ever been doing such things then you know how clients are indifferent in that field.

In 2013 we called ourselves digital agency and started doing all types of online advertising. I decided to do it because obviously there was longer money. Then I realised that I could not guarantee almost any result in that type of work. It was normal for this kind of work but I still didn't like that.

In 2014-2015 I decided to leave the experiments and chose the direction of web development. Firstly, we only worked with WordPress and jQuery and without a version control system.

In 2016 we implemented Git and Jira in our work. In 2017 we implemented Laravel, Vue.js and Docker. In 2018 we started covering all our projects with autotests and started working on the TDD methodology.

So far I think we chose the right path because I can see how much benefit we bring to our clients.

Michael Radionov - CEO of Flag Studio
Michael Radionov radionov.me

CEO of Flag Studio

Flag studio team
Flag studio team
Flag studio team
Flag studio team
Flag studio team
Flag studio team
Flag studio team
Flag studio team
Flag studio team
Flag studio team
Flag studio team
Flag studio team
Flag studio team
Flag studio team
Flag studio team

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